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"I had our home in listed with another agent and had very little activity. Michael took over and everything changed. He is a full service agent whose total commitment made the process of selling our home a pleasure. I have recommended him to friends and the end result has always been a closed sale at a record setting price"

Brad Johnson, Actor

"Earlier this year, Michael Rodgers sold my family home on Tigertail Road in Brentwood, California. He succeeded where other agents had failed. Whereas our home had been on the market for months with other agents, Michael obtained two solid offers in a matter of just a few days. The reason was simple – his caring and attention to detail could not have been greater. He took the time to get to know each member of our family and even our dog. He helped us to prepare our home with constructive suggestions that took the qualities of the home into account; as well as how we – its occupants for years – had appreciated and lived in it. Michael ascertained what our needs and priorities were and proposed a plan to meet them that was completely successful. His presentation to the market was well thought out and put the best emphasis on the strengths of our home. Unlike other agents, Michael did not base his marketing or presentation on the most recent trends or fads. His approach was based on quality and substance, which best reflected the strengths of our property. His photographs of our home were impeccable and reflected his knowledge and appreciation of architecture, aesthetics and quality. Simply put, Michael was able to present our home in the best light possible because he took the time to understand it on every level. He knew what to do, without exaggerating or posturing. He got us the results we needed. Even after the transaction closed, Michael continued to work with us and the buyer to ensure the leaseback went smoothly and everyone’s needs were met. He went the extra mile, time and time again. Michael proved himself to be a consummate professional on every level and I will look forward to working with him in the future"

Anthony Kornarens, Attorney at Law

"We found Michael to be very professional, insightful and able to manage a difficult, manipulative and demanding buyer effortlessly. He brought in offers before our home was entered into the MLS. Our home was sold very quickly under his expertise."

Roslyn Phoenix, Life Coach

You are rock stars. To think that we literally stumbled into your open house on Saturday, managed to visit the pocket listing on Sunday, presented an offer on Monday, and received confirmation on's just really the way life should work all the time! Congratulations on your counsel, your courtesies and your execution. This is a very special day for Lana and I. We are very grateful to you.

Andre Bossier, International Film Executive

I was fortunate enough to understand and appreciate the amazing architectural design of David L. What a house - published many times, used for multiple films and photo shoots. It is such a special and unique home that when I decided to sell I knew it would take a special buyer. I called two other well known LA agents who just didn't seem to understand the uniqueness of the property. Then came Doug from The Rodgers Group. Wow!. He not only got it, but sought the perfect buyer. No one could do what he did. He found the perfect young Hollywood star that was SO smart to snap it up. She certainly "got it". Doug made it happen and not only sold it, but ROCKED IT. Doug will get it done cuz as I said.......He gets it.

Kelly Daughtery, Magazine Editor

"I was in need of a home for my Toronto family and Michael was quick to respond to our needs. He took the time to show us a considerable amount of listings and found us the perfect house. It is good to know for all of my future real estate needs, I have an agent I can trust! Thank you Michael."

Jon Cassar, Director and Producer

"I would imagine it would be extremely easy to find a realtor who would bend over backwards to sell your $5 million house, and I’m sure that L.A. is chock-full of eager agents that would do just that. Some have connections, some are more proficient than others, some will thumb their nose at listing an inexpensive house and some care more about their commissions than satisfying the needs of their clients. Then every once in a blue moon, comes a realtor that exceeds every expectation. That realtor is Michael Rodgers. I threw him a curveball this past year, and listed my Santa Clarita $600K house with him. Having experienced bottom-of-the-barrel agents, I was unsure that an agent of his caliber would even accept the listing. It’s fairly accurate in saying that he probably spent more money and time advertising my house than he got in fees when the house sold. He made me feel as if my listing was just as important as his usual multi-million dollar listings…and when it fell out of escrow two days before closing, he found a new buyer in one day! Top-notch customer service from a top-notch agent, who knows this business in and out. When you are serious about selling your house, or buying a new one - you’ll spend five seconds thinking about those fancy agents you see on TV. But everything you see on TV isn’t always true - and I’d rather have a REAL agent handle my listing, and the next time around - Michael will be my first call."

Steve Samson, Marketing Executive

Michael and Joe, Thank you both so much for all of your hard work in helping us achieve our dream of owning a home. You patience, responsiveness, and diligence made this entire process feel effortless. We truly believe we could not have done it without the two of you. It was a pleasure. :)

Francine and Lorin Levy, Business Owners

Doug and The Rodgers Group team are amazing!!! I want to let everyone know that I am extremely grateful for the whole process. I felt that everyone had my best interest every step of the way. I am amazed at how well this home buying experience went. It is truly surreal and when I share my experience with home owners - they cannot believe it either. Everyone addressed all of my questions quickly and thoroughly and walked me through the entire process. My dream has become true at the perfect time!

Precious Price, Adult Educational Therapist

Michael did a fantastic job in selling our home. He respected our privacy concerns with the utmost of discretion and provided first class service throughout the entire process. I highly recommend his services.

Al Jarreau, Grammy Winning Vocalist

Joe from The Rodgers Group was a delight to work with - he was always responsive, communicated everything thoroughly, and was very involved in every step. Joe was a true professional throughout the process. Thank you Joe!

Ciara McGovern, Restauranteur

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